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Robert Newman is trial lawyer. He is available to practice in the areas of civil rights, personal injury and criminal defense.
Bob has practiced in these areas since his graduation from Emory Law School in Atlanta Georgia in 1967.
Bob has been active in his community as a soccer coach and a soccer player. In addition, he rides his bicycle on long distance journeys, and plays basketball and tennis. Bob’s wife, Mary Asbury is a lawyer. His daughter Liza is a recent law graduate from the University of Cincinnati Law School, and his daughter Samantha is a French teacher in Seattle, Washington.
Bob has been listed in Best Lawyers of America since 1993 and was given the Courageous Advocate Award from the Inns of Court of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, and the Racial Justice Award from the YWCA in 2017.

Bob has also taken on a lot of cases that do not fit into categories, but can be described as cases where “government has gone too far.”
Bob has also had a significant number of personal injury and criminal defense cases.

The types of civil rights cases Bob has done are:

  1. Employment discrimination involving discrimination on the basis of age, sex, and nationality.
  2. Housing discrimination on the basis of race, national origin or family size.
  3. School cases, including cases involving racial bullying, IEP issues, student discipline cases, and student free expression/First Amendment issues.
  4. University cases including faculty discipline, First Amendment issues, failure to promote, and Title IX involving discrimination against women in sports programs.
  5. Police misconduct cases, involving illegal searches and seizures and excessive use of force.


215 East 9th Street, Suite 650
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202






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